Mimeo Acquires Competing Motif Photos App

Originally published at: Mimeo Acquires Competing Motif Photos App - TidBITS

The world of Photos project extensions, never a hotbed of competition, just became a little less competitive now that Mimeo has acquired Motif.

I have been using Mimeo to produce photo books as its books best matched the former Apple photo books. I did canvas various printers after Apple closed down but Mimeo was about best on format, paper quantity and price. Printing and shipping overseas is fast.

There are some clunky things with Mimeo’s web and app book generators and Mimeo seems deaf to suggestions of improvements, but then so is Apple.

These books are expensive but then they are mostly a one-product. Currently I am looking at an Australian based printer which seems to match Mimeo at a more affordable price.

I’ve been using Motif for years, mostly to produce an annual family calendar. The software works really well and the printed product is of excellent quality. I’m in the UK with some deliveries to France as well. Printing is done in the Czech Republic and turnaround is surprisingly quick. I just hope the Mimeo takeover doesn’t spoil any of this. I might try a small project just to see. If I do, I’ll report back.


Apple never produced their own photo products. They were outsourced to a print company. I don’t recall the printer’s name but my nephew was a VP there at the time. Motif continued with the same printer, and mimeo’s press release indicates that they are using the same printer. So I am hopeful that print quality will not suffer. The mimeo press release also indicates the Motif software will continue to work.
Fingers crossed.