Migration & FileMaker

I’m trying to help a friend out but have come somewhat unstuck with regards to the meaning of on-screen messages.
The situation is this: Friend manages a substantial db with respect to a very valuable art collection, tracking loans, publication. locations, ownership etc. There is another person who also works on the same db in a different location. The db is on FM server, hosted at a third location.

My friend has a 2019 iMac and she has just bought a new M1 MB Pro.

Using Migration Assistant she has managed to transfer all her files from the iMac to the MB but…
she gets the following messages that she doesn’t understand.

Who is the user fmserver User?
She is not aware of it being on the iMac.

Any help with this would be gratefully received.

Googling “fmserver user,” I find a documentation page for FileMaker Server 16 Users, groups, and permissions (macOS)

During installation, the fmserver user and the fmsadmin group are created.

My guess is FileMaker Server was installed on her iMac at some point. The second photo makes it sound like it’s also installed on the new Mac but maybe an account with that name already existed because this is a second attempt at migration.

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Thanks Curtis.
It would appear that fmserver user was installed when the original iMac was set up. it then got transferred to this iMac. My friend wasn’t aware of it as the mac was set to auto log in as her (not that she ever turned it off!)
We have now deleted it and all seem well.
Thanks again