Microsoft support of Ukraine

Microsoft reports it has spent $239 million on financial and technical support of Ukraine and has been an important part of a coalition of tech companies, the NSA and other gov’t agencies, and Ukrainian hackers to stymie Russian efforts to sabotage Ukraine’s “cyber” assets, according to this op-ed in WaPo:

Here is a link to a referenced Microsoft report on “an overview of Russia’s cyberattack activity in Ukraine”:

I’ve frequently had bones to pick, off and on, with Microsoft since my first Macintosh in April 1984, but I gotta say, given the totally white-hat nature of Microsoft’s activities with Ukraine with no obvious immediate payoff, I’m strongly inclined to go ahead and renew my rental contract for their software for another year.

(Edited to include proper link as pointed out by @ddmiller )


This link to the story is not paywalled:

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