Microsoft Office for Mac 16.25

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Adds display of email attachments to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. ($149.99 new for one-time purchase, $99.99/$69.99 annual subscription options, free update)

I’ve tried 4 times over the last 2 days to update to Office 16.25. Each time Microsoft AutoUpdate has shown the process as successful, but the apps are not updated. They still remain at 16.24. Aarrgh!

Any other reports of this happening? I’m running the most current version of Mojave on my 6-month old iMac with 16Gb of RAM.

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I ALSO am unable to install the 16.25.0 updates. For me it is PowerPoint and Word (But my Excel is also at 16.24 as are the two named)

I have tried about 5 times over 3 days. Sometimes it fails on the Verify. Other times it fails under the Install phase

Sorry it is happening but nice to know is is not only me. I am running Mojave 10.14.4

Sounds like we have the same setup, but my update went flawlessly.

I am happy to say I solved this problem with the AutoUpdater. Essentially I skipped the process and did a direct download of the 4 released 16.25.0 software packages. (Download and replace instead of Update)

This window (AutoUpdate Window 1) shows the suggested files to update. UNCHECK one of the check boxes to see the link (window 2)

Click on the link shown in 2 and get to the Micro$oft site to download the packages for the Office 365 packages

Install each package and replace the older version of the application

My experience is that this was less time than the auto update experience in the past when it worked

I had no problems with the update. It was the same as usual.

I sure wish Excel would automatically reopen the last files though.

The MAS (Mac App Store) versions on my two machines updated OK, so as a suggestion, maybe re-download from there?

Tip: You can buy Office 365 license codes for much cheaper from Ebay. I got 5 years of the 5-machine “Home” tier (the maximum you can stack up for at a time is 5 years) for only around £125 a couple of years ago! They go for a bit higher now (£35-45/year). Given the normal price is £80/year, it’s a massive saving of £275.
Just ask the sellers to email the license code to you, rather than physically posting it (most will), and if on the rare chance you get a dud code, they’ll send you another.

(NB: If you do the Ebay route, make sure to not get ones from sellers splitting Home plans or selling other weird versions. They’ll be obvious to spot as they typically say it’s a lifetime license or other rubbish, and be too cheap.)