Microsoft and Adobe Malware Alerts

Just discovered via my intego software a malware alert and quarantine
Attached pdf file explains and may be of help to the experts
Screenshot 2023-08-03 at 7.29.39 PM.png.pdf (89.7 KB)


malware detectMsftAdobe.pdf (89.9 KB)

Identified as “Adware” meaning not a significant threat, but because it involves widely used applications from two different well respected vendors, I would strongly suspect these are False Positive detections which Intego will quickly correct once they are alerted to it. Just leave them in quarantine until it gets fixed or if you need any of those apps, restore it/them and hold off running that Intego software.

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Thanks- just what I planned to do and have no current need to use adobe or related msft stuff for several weeks- and will leave in quarantine.

Suspect I am not only one

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