Messages keep going to the trash in Mail

For sometime too many mails are going to Trash.
In fact, it’s getting so that I first look at the Trash and then Inbox!
I am using Mojave 10.14.5 and iPhone 7 with the latest iOS.
Practically all of the senders are in Contacts
I suspect it’s either Mac’s Mail or iPhone Mail.
I suspect that there must be a database of mails to trash, but I have no inkling of where it may be.
Has somebody had this problem and solved it?
I will appreciate help.
Thanks in advance

With exactly the same setup as you, I’m not seeing anything go directly to trash.

You failed to mention what e-mail provider(s) you subscribe to. I use mainly iCloud, but also have Gmail, AOL and Yahoo accounts. I would be more apt to believe the problem is server based.

What rules do you have setup on your Mac, iPhone and server(s)? Any Mail Plug-ins?

It happens mostly with my main gmail account. I receive a lot of Google-alerts. I have just added it to gmail contacts (I do have them in Apple Contacts), same with a bank statement that my wife receives and is forwarded to my gmail account. I will see in the next hours if the alerts continue going to the Trash.

This started last year while on High Sierra, continued in Mojave. I later erased my mac and installed Mojave from scratch and did not bring back everything from my backup. I had problems with Mail that showed continuously the no connection symbol. Throwing away Mail preferences cured somewhat that problem (they do suddenly appear and immediately disappear.

What rules do you have setup on your Mac, iPhone and server(s)? Any Mail Plug-ins?

In Mail three rules that are not related at all to items going to the Trash
In gmail dozens of rules, but the only rule related to google Alerts is to label them.
I hope that putting Google Alerts in gmails contacts solves most of the problems.

Thanks for activating my mind

Go to the online email of the account you have and see if the emails are marked to go to trash. I found that in iCloud email, the emails were marked as junk and were going to junk. I just unmarked them as junk and all was well. Yes, I know that you are talking about trash, but it could apply the same.

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Tori Hernandez

I did some experimenting disabling my main Google account both in Mac and iPhone. Thus I was able to determine that it was an Apple problem and not a Google problem.
The main mails I get in quantity that where going to Trash were Google Alerts that I subscribe to. I thought that I had the address in Contacts, but it turned out that I didn’t. I added the Google Alerts to Contacts and that solved the Alerts problem. Anyway, I keep looking into the Trash just in case something gets there that shouldn’t.
I suspect that there is some database that “grades” mails and send them to trash bin. If so I would like to know how to reset it.
Francisco Hirsch