Messages Delete Granularity

Does anyone know of an app that will set up a more granular way to have Messages deleted on iOS or macOS instead of the Forever, One Year, 30 Days. With tons of GKids photos coming in Messages from relatives, I need more time to peruse and then save them. Something like: 30 days, 6 months, one year, two years, three years, forever. Just a thought. Best, Patrick

Perhaps the utility iMazing is a solution for you. It allows you to extract and save from Messages (and several other very useful functions, too.). See Transfer, Print & Backup iPhone Messages - SMS - iMessages | iMazing

Thank you, Gordon. Great idea. I have iMazing but seldom think of it. I could retrieve all images from Messages, then go through them at my leisure, then delete all Messages and start anew. Best, Patrick

One more thing, I still think that would be a great App to develop. Maybe Oakley or Wardle will do so? :) Best, Patrick