Message Filters in Flagged Mailboxes

So…I have 3 flags defined with custom names and they all three show up under the Flagged Mailbox item in the left column of Monterey Mail. Selecting the Flagged item shows all flagged items. Selecting any of the individual flags under it shows no items because the filter is set to on and only showing Unread. Toggling the filter off displays the appropriately flagged messages.

With the filter on…I deselect the Unread option and then clicking on the Filter icon show nothing selected, filter off, and messages displayed. Repeating this for the other used flags results in the same effect.

Quit and relaunch Mail…and the filters on the individual flags are reenabled but the filter on the Flagged mailbox is not?

I’ve tried various combinations of enabling and disabling the filters but haven’t figured it out. How do I get the individual flag filters to stay disabled? Frankly…if I’ve got a flag that is labeled House…they’re all going to be in the archive folder anyway and will be Read already…so having a filter for Unread only doesn’t make much sense to me.

Is this a bug…or a feature that I just don’t understand?