Media Sharing Broken in Ventura 13.2.1?

Yesterday I noticed that my Apple TV (HD) is no longer able to access my M2 Max MacBook Pro running Ventura 13.2.1 via Home Sharing (aka Media Sharing). I’ve tried restarting Home Sharing on both devices, restarting both, de-authorizing all devices and re-authorizing, and finally restarting in safe mode.
This was working reasonably well since I bought the machine at the beginning of February. Is anyone else experiencing this?
I’ve read something about the SMB protocol being updated to v3 from v2 - would that be used for this service?

Haven’t tested your situation but I remain concerned that Homesharing does not fit in with Apple’s subscription service income strategy. They might conveniently neglect it in OS updates!

My 3rd Generation Apple 4K TV sees all local media referenced by Apple apps on my MacStudio running Ventura 13.2.1

I will follow up in case others see this issue.

Had an online session with an Apple Support Supervisor, and we managed to fix this. When the session started, I had the System Settings → General → Sharing → Media Sharing slider turned on and had entered my AppleID password, and it was hung after hitting return. I had previously deauthorized all computers in the Music app, and re-authorized my MacBookPro.

He had me de-authorize my computer again, and reproduced the issue again (no change). Then we re-authorized the computer, and played some purchased music to show the AppleID was valid etc. This time, when I went to reproduce the issue, it behaved differently. I clicked the slider to enable Media Sharing and it turned on without asking for the AppleID password. I then clicked on the Info “I” button to bring up the Home Sharing details, and THEN it asked for the password. I entered it and it enabled properly.
No idea what actually fixed the situation, but everything is working properly now.

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