Managing tapback notifications

I had been hopeful that the latest system updates would enable me to stop getting notifications every time someone tapbacks a “like” or a “Haha”. Is there any way to stop this madness, especially in group chats? Than ks a lot – this is a great community.

You can mute a group chat. Just swipe on it in the messages list and tap the Bell with a slash through it.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear – I want to be notified of replies, but not tapbacks.

According to Apple (in 2020, at least), that’s not possible. It’s a great idea, though. Maybe it’ll make it into iOS 16?

Not without feedback to Apple requesting it.

Feedback sent:

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I’ll send feedback as well, for this particular reason:

When I’m driving and using CarPlay, I’ll send a message dictated via Siri…go through Siri reading back the message to ensure it was transcribed correctly, then okaying it and getting confirmation.

Then my Tapback-trained spouse and friends will tapback a thumbs-up or whatever.

Then I have a new notification, and when I ask Siri to read new messages (remember, I’m driving), the template is “[name] liked your message:]” and then reading back MY original message to me, and then asking “Would you like to reply?”

It’s way too much time and information for a tapback, but AFAIK I have to play it to clear the notification.

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