Making a widget out of a Google page

I’ve got a new iPhone 14 Pro running iOS 16.0.2. I’m new to putting widgets on a lock screen and wonder whether it’s possible to make one to use that way. Doing my morning workout, I use the Google Metronome set to 60 BPM to time my stretches. I have it saved as a “Web widget,” but it doesn’t appear in the list of possibles when I tried to install it on the lock screen.
Any ideas?

I guess it’s not a widget, but on my lock screen a “Siri Suggestion” shortcut to “Start a timer for 30 seconds” appears at the bottom. I never use Siri, so I don’t know why it appeared. I use that during exercise and would like something similar for the metronome.

Additional note: the Siri Suggestion appears only in the morning when I usually do my exercises. Handy, but a little spooky.