Make Alias and Show Original shortcuts in 10.14?

(David Brostoff) #1

With 10.14.2, suddenly Command-L (Make Alias) and Command-R (Show Original) stopped working – when I tried using them, I just kept getting a bonk sound.

I added both shortcuts to System Preferences > Shortcuts and they work fine now, but does anyone have any idea why they might have stopped working in the first place?

Thank you,


(Adam Engst) #2

I think Mojave just changed the keyboard shortcuts. You can see them in the Finder’s File menu when you have a file or alias selected.

Make Alias is now Command-Control-A
Show Original is now Command-Option-Control-A

At least on my Macs.

(Simon) #3

Oh boy. What’s the advantage of that?

Here I am, still can’t remember what Apple changed duplicate (cmd-d) to in HS. :frowning:

(David Brostoff) #4

Thanks for the tip – I don’t know why I didn’t see that when I looked there before I posted.