MailHub Replacement — Filtering on Sender

MailHub is one big thing I lost moving from High Sierra to Monterey. I have seen a number of discussions about replacing it, but most have focused on the filing abilities. So I know there are a lot of options there for me to explore.

The feature I used most, though, was a single button that set a search filter on the sender of the currently selected message. And I haven’t seen any discussion of MailHub replacements that talk about a feature like this.

(1) Does anyone know of an extension for Apple Mail that does this?

(2) If not, is this something that would be straightforward to script, by pulling the from address from the current selected message and applying a filter?

(3) If there’s no extension, but it’s easy to script, is it possible to add a script to a toolbar button, or can it only be invoked from a menu or a keystroke?


Dave Scocca

Do you need an extension? Right click on the sender; the last item in the contextual menu should be Search for “[sender]”.

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Cool! That should definitely go on a “Bet you didn’t know…” list. At least, I didn’t. :slight_smile:

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Thank you. Why hadn’t I noticed that before? Made my day.