Mail filtering and automatic deletion

Hi all,

Like most of you, I subscribe to all kinds of online newsletters and periodicals that fill my email box on an hourly basis. Because I don’t want all of these emails cluttering my iPhone & iPad Inbox, I created a Mac side rule that color codes the message, marks it as Read, and then moves all of these items directly to the Trash. On my Mac, I’ve created a smart folder called “Today”, which displays all emails that were received today (including the items in the Trash), and that’s generally how I read my emails. After 30 days, the Trashed messages are automatically deleted, without any intervention from me.

As much as I love this process, there are occasionally times (like right now, when I’m the passenger in a car when I’d like to be able to easily access and read those NYT and WaPo updates). I could go to the Trash for that particular mailbox, and find them there, but I was thinking that instead of moving these particular emails to the Trash, that I could simply move them to a folder, and then access that folder. However, this doesn’t provide the automatic/automated deletion that I so love. Any suggestions for doing that?