Mail app tags - Mailbutler

For many years I have been using SmallCubes Mail Suite which, among others includes Mailtags. These are all plugins and won’t be around for Sonoma. They are developing a proprietary mail app
Somebody suggested Mailbutler which is an extension
I downloaded a trial, haven’t started using. It occupies a lot of screen space and modifies the looks of the inbox.
Does any body have experience with Mailbutler. Is there another alternative for Apple Mail App tags?

With the death of MailSuite (which I had been using on and off since 2006), there are no other products other than MailButler in this category. I looked at the email app which they are developing ( and yikes. That is one gnarly UI. I hope the final product looks better than those mockups!

I used the free version of MailButler for the past few years, but found little use for most of its features and never saw the need to pay for the premium version. You can eliminate its use of screen space by clicking on the icon above that space. I removed it when they stopped offering the free features.

Mailbutler would stop working every time I started beta-testing the new Mac OS. That meant I had to live without it for about three months or so. I finally gave up and stopped using it completely.