Mail app replacement for Big Sur?

Except that you can’t do anything to Filter and that all other buttons have to be to the right of it. :exploding_head: :laughing:

I also use Thunderbird. It’s absolutely hideous, but it does everything I need.


That’s true… I actually used it as an opportunity to rethink my Toolbar.

However, another alternative is to assign keyboard shortcuts to anything that doesn’t already have one (via System Prefs - Keyboard) and adjust to working that way, with the added benefit, that it’s faster. :blush:

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I tried out one of the new M1 Mac Minis and one of the things that really put me off was how different mail was compared to Mojave. I am a happy Apple Mail user and really don’t want to have to make the change. My ~1000 rules are a big barrier to switching, too. I’m going to take a look at a few of the suggestions offered here, though.

M1 Mac Mini was nice hardware but I just wasn’t ready for Big Sur.

Postbox is great but I have been trying to get them to notice that “Threads” doesn’t work sometimes and that I get a crash whenever I open Postbox and attempt to use a lookup for an address (I think it has to do with Outlook’s LDAP protocols). No response, and now you can’t even write them with a bug report. I think they have sort’ve become jerks in their interaction with their sheep I mean customers. But the features, if it didn’t crash at least once a day, are great!

Yes, this is very true.

That crashing definitely sounds annoying; I leave Postbox up for weeks at a time without issue, but I’m also not connecting to an Outlook server, so that may well be the issue. Everything I’ve tested that offers threading will always mess up on something, so I haven’t found Postbox to be particularly worse than anything else.

I think they used to offer a bug report feature; I was definitely surprised and disappointed that there wasn’t one there when I checked just now. Looking at my account on their Support center, I’ve apparently used the “feature request” message form to report bugs, and they’ve marked those requests “Solved”, so I have to assume enough people have done so that they use it as such.

I’ve been using email since the late 80s, and in that time, I’ve only used three email clients “seriously”. QuickMail, Eudora, and

I’ve tried a bunch of others along the way. I was so excited for Bluto (MailSmith), and was sad when it didn’t make it as a profitable product. I’m a sustaining contributor to MailMate, which I use for some specific secondary email accounts, and hope will evolve into something I want to use full time. I’ve used Outlook for a couple of jobs (on Windows, shudder). And most of the others mentioned here, though usually for very brief periods that resulted in quick rejections.

I don’t get the hate for on Big Sur. There are some UX issues, no doubt, but that was also true on Mojave (my prior version, I skipped Catalina). It handles almost any incoming message format with ease, is generally pretty responsive, and has handled my accounts and email very well for … well, when did Eudora die again? In that time there’s only been brief periods where it was unreliable/crashy, and that was usually due to external factors. In other respects, it’s fine-to-very-good.

It’s definitely important to experiment with and learn all about the various ways Mail can be customized, especially the built-in UX configuration. I hate the default UX for Mail in Big Sur, which I had to use when I first set up a new M1 MBP. But after some exploration of the options, I’ve got it mostly back to where I had it in Mojave (and which resembles Eudora’s old UI), with only a few minor complaints that are new with Big Sur.

My recommendation: Figure out exactly what’s not working for you in, and ask for help fixing that specific issue. Changing email apps is a big change. If that’s a challenge that excites you, so be it. Have fun! Me, I just want a replacement for QuoteFix (a plugin that fixes the abomination of top posting).