Mail account disappeared in Apple Mail (POP)

I recently changed email hosts for one of my accounts. In Apple Mail, I had two accounts setup with similar, but different names: one was my old one with the POP3 email, the other is my new one.

This morning I noticed the entire account is gone from my Apple Mail list. I hadn’t bothered dragging the email over to “On My Mac” since it’s POP and should be on my computer anyway (I should note the domain in question has two email addresses and only one disappeared)

I can log into my control panel and see that I have ~65mb in there (cannot see it physically due to a password issue)

Is there a way to get this back in Apple Mail so I can drag it over to another folder? Or will I have to manually email them back to myself via the control panel?

mailing from control panel won’t get me all of them as I had it setup to delete after so many days to save server space.

I use Chronosync for backups. Is there a way to just bring over one mailbox (Inbox and sent?)

2015 MBP running Sierra

Ok hold the presses! I had disabled the account in Mail because it was interfering with sending mail from the new account. I re-enabled it and the folder showed up again.