MagSafe for M1 MBA

Ordered my wife an M1 MBA to replace her 2013 model and she wants MagSafe for power rather than USB-C. Checking Amazon, the one from iSKey appears to be the lowest profile one since it isn’t a dongle like other options. Does anybody have any experience of thoughts on this one or a better solution?

I have the iSKey on my MBP, it works fine for data and power, but it only comes with one cable end.

On my iPad and Air I use a pair of Anmone adapters - data through put is meh but I have a spare cable end so when someone borrows a cable and removes the tip randomly I am not completely stuck. Not that this ever happens in a house with visiting teenagers. I would go for the Amone pair only if starting again.


Thanks Fearghas…I think I will go with them as well since they’re a smaller footprint.

I’m still happy with the ones I wrote about in:

Thanks Adam…those to look remarkably similar in appearance and price to the ones Farghas has…I will have to order them soon as my darling spouse is forever knocking the opMagSafe out of her old MBA…the new one arrived today and will be put in service tomorrow. I did check with Apple on the trade in price and it was only about $100…so I will just put the old one on the s(elf for a spare instead.