Macworld: These three annoying Apple problems finally have fixes on the way

Updates to the Apple TV remote, Siri, and the iPhone battery life management are on the way.

[These three annoying Apple problems finally have fixes on the way]

Moreover, listings for the voices are now simply numbered, rather than being described as male or female in gender.

What sort of absurd political correctness lists this as an improvement?

Now I can’t tell without listening to it whether it’s going to be a male or female voice. This is not an improvement in any sense of the word. It simply makes selection less efficient for those of us that know we want to have a male or female voice. For what? So we can all keep pretending like the main distinguishing factor between people doesn’t exist? Male and female, without which we would cease to exist as a species, is now a dirty concept that must be purged from society.

Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.

This is especially galling since the reason I clicked on the link is because I’d love to see actual Siri improvements. You know, things like being able to ask for directions to my next appointment. Things that would actually help.

But no. Instead i get political correct nonsense shoved down my throat that makes my life worse and they have the gall to publish an article proclaiming that Siri is being improved.

As a person with rather poor hearing, I approve of numbers over labels. I tend to assume that I’ll understand male voices more easily than female, but it’s not actually true–it depends a lot on the specific voice and harmonics. The lack of labels will help keep me from being too lazy to listen to all of them.

Biology is much too interesting for gender to be simple. There’s a continuum between male and female not only in humans but in most or all mammals and birds. Beyond that, such as fish and many invertebrates, it can get truly weird. Not to mention plants and fungi…

Sex redefined : Nature News & Comment


I’m with you Joseph… the PC crowd wants us to have something like 40something different genders based on something that one of my mailing lists posted from Facebook and that’s just nuts. Gender…you’re either XX or XY chromosomes and therefore are male or female…except for those individuals (fairly small in number) that have abnormalities in their genes that cause some combination of male and female characteristics.

Now…who you sleep with and whether you want to dress in clothing typically worn by the other gender and whether you want to have short/long hair and wear/not wear makeup is another thing entirely…and I don’t really have an opinion on what you should do there. We all have our preferences…I like skirts, tall heels, and makeup on women myself…and preferences should be respected but let’s not call them different genders.

To keep this actually on topic…yes, some of us prefer a male or female voice and having to listen to find out is just dumb PC BS. Bowing to the woke crowd like Tim is doing…and you know this was approved at his level…is ridiculous.

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Apple could also have its programmers fixing its applications rather than making yet more emojis.

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There is a difference between a programmer and a graphic designer.


After the kids have designed the emojis, the programmers have to do the mods.

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Unless the code is very badly designed, adding new emojis (like any other glyph in the text processing system) should simply be a matter of adding the image file to the code base and updating a data file so it will get compiled into the emoji font.

Certain behaviors (like the ability to composite some emojis with colors in order to change skin color on the face icons) will require code, but those kinds of changes don’t happen very often.