MacOS Photos and paste location

Its a bit of an old grumble, but does anyone have a simple easy solution to the lack of paste Location in MacOS Photos? the one thing that is holding me back from the switch from iPhoto 9.6.1 to Photos with all its cloud love is the lack of this key feature for me, as I take dive photos and want to geotag the dive site by copying the location from my iPhone photo on the surface to the underwater photos. there appears to be no simple way of doing this other than extracting the exif information for lat and long and pasting it back into Photos information pane. I can’t see why Apple wont provide the iPhotos paste location capability in Photos for MacOS.

One solution would be HoudahGeo.

Not quite as simple as copy and paste location between two photos on screen though. I just can’t see why Apple won’t implement that in Photos given they had it in iPhoto.

I suspect it’s a low priority because the vast majority of photos are now taken with phones that embed locations.

As one who takes most of my Photos with an iPhone and also likes geotagging while preserving some privacy, I find this to be a pain. 2 cases arise:

  1. Importing a set of old non-tagged photos (either old, or downloaded from a social site).

  2. Disguising photos from a private location–In this case, I like to tag them with a public location in the vicinity of the actual site. For example, for pictures around my home, I substitute a park a few blocks away. It is laborious to go though the whole set one by one. I would love to be able to quickly collect them in a smart album, retag one of them, and then select that tag and apply it to the whole group.

I can Cmd-click to select a number of photos in the Photos app, Cmd-I with all of them selected, and then assign a location to all of them at the bottom of the Cmd-I info window.