macOS and Music Servers and Big Sur

Just a subject I have been interested in sorting out for a while.
Thankfully, it appears to me that Apple, finally, or accidentally has done something helpful in this regard, in their latest iteration of rapidly-(a subjective perspective, I suppose) occurring releases of Mac OS.

I run an Aurender Music server on my private home network.
All Mac OS versions, previous to Big Sur, have had very poor performance connecting to, and interacting with, the server.
Basically, very long pause to make a connection, and dropped connection while transferring audio files.
I can attest that somehow Apple has “fixed” the issues, … whether intending to or not is still a question.

Now I can simply connect immediately to the server via the various vectors, I chose to simply have an alias of the server volume on the desktop, and just double click > then: Voila, there’s the volume.
Previously the process took a good minute, or more, with no apparent reason for the delay

So in this instance, Thanks Apple

One caveat, … I am not quite getting the intuitive nature of the new-ish Control-Commad-A key stroke for creating aliases