macOS 12.6 and iOS 16 Conflict

After I upgraded my iPhone to iOS 16 using my MBP (OS 12.6), I got an error message on my MBP when connecting my iPhone to the MBP. “A software update is required to connect to iPhone.” Click install. Software downloads and tries to install. Error message: Can’t install Software.

When I upgraded my wife’s iPhone to iOS 16 on her MBP (OS 12.5) and then connected her upgraded iPhone to her MBP - no error message.

I upgraded her MBP to OS 12.6 (why you ask - dumb move on my part) and when I plugged her iPhone in and the error message appeared.

It appears to be a conflict between OS 12.6 and iOS 16. Spent about 3 hours with Mac help troubleshooting (prior to the install on my wife’s MBP) - most with a senior advisor who thought it might be a bad OS 12.6 on my computer. After seeing it on my wife’s computer, I doubt that it is a one-off. Called Mac Help but have been unable to convince them to escalate to their engineers to look at it.

Quite frustrating.

I followed through with the download. It took a while to start but was completed in well under 5 minutes. I think it’s the usual patch that needs to be applied when the IOS and MacOS versions get out of sync. There was no need to restart the Mac. The iPhone shows up in the Finder and Apple Music sidebars.

I’m surprised that Apple support couldn’t reassure you.

Thank you.
Tried again - same result

The first error I get is:

I click on install and the download takes awhile but downloads.

At the end of the download, it goes into an auto install but it won’t install giving this error msg

I’ve tried it several times - restarted the computer.
Same result.

Any suggestions to get it to install?


Just to clear up a bit of the confusion here. The newer dialog box (not an error) that says “A software update is required to connect to iPhone.” has always occurred when a new piece of mobile hardware is introduced (iPhone 14 in this case). The update includes a few files necessary to recognize the new hardware and provide any changes needed to accommodate that new device. The process has just become a bit more noticeable of late. Not sure why the installation is failing for you.

More confusion
There was no hardware change
Same iPhone 13 that I’ve been using

I just updated to iOS 16 on my iPhone 13

Sorry I wasn’t clear. You don’t need to connect a new device. The updates are normally required after any new device is released and you connect any device (new or old) to your Mac. The process entails recognition that a device has been connected, then checking on-line to see if your mobile device files are the same as the latest version posted to servers, then notifying the user if an update is needed for permission to install or delay. I suspect if you did try to delay today an iPhone 14 would not be recognized, but haven’t ever attempted that.

I’m having exactly the same problem, which is definitely a macOS 12.6 issue. Happened with my iPhone 12 Pro and now - even more annoyingly - it’s happening with my new 14 Pro. Spent a couple of hours with Apple Support and they solved nothing whatsoever!

I guess we’ll just have to stomach the error until Ventura is released in October, though 12.6.1 would be very welcome…