macOS 10.15 Catalina Ships, Upgrade with Caution

“Some backup apps aren’t yet compatible with Catalina”

Yep, I’m not happy with Shirt Pocket Software (SuperDuper!). The developer led us to believe back in July with three partially-workable betas that the heavy lifting was behind the team and the remainder of the time until the GM was released was just testing and making it presentable for the masses. Not true. Unless Dave pulls a rabbit out of the hat, I’ll probably be switching to Bombich’s CCC after many, many years with SuperDuper. It’s understandable that a piece of software might not be ready for general use during the product development phase but if you’re in the commercial sales business of selling back-up software, it better be ready to go when the intended target ships.

Ah, thanks, @Michael Paine! I probably just forgot iTunes was getting replaced by separate media apps. So there’s still a music app that I presume is the basic iTunes feature set?

I must be the only user in the world for whom Photos will not fully sync and downloading of camera originals. Apple has been unable to fix the problem , which couuld be simply one corrupt photo.

Catalina is stable but there are still some issues. Some my be fixed by the developers of third party apps.

So Sys Prefs sitting in my dock (on Mojave) is now always showing a red badge with a 1 in it. Turns out Software Update is trying to get me to install Catalina. Is there any way to tell it ‘yes I know, not interested, so please go away’? That badge is distracting.

Older versions of OS X had an option where you told SU to ignore a certain update. Any chance that functionality is still around somewhere?

From what I understand from discussions over dinner with Dave a few weeks ago, they developed a workaround for the Catalina issues surrounding the read-only system volume and split volumes approach. It seemed to work, but they felt it would be better to use an official approach, so they asked Apple for guidance. Apple suggested a technique, but it didn’t work, and continued to not work throughout the betas. So the last I heard, Dave was going to go back to their original workaround.

So as much as it’s disappointing that SuperDuper isn’t yet fully compatible with Catalina, a lot of the blame here lies with Apple. Hopefully, Mike Bombich was able to come up with a reliable workaround for Carbon Copy Cloner, but I’d still be leery of relying on that until Catalina has been out for a while and CCC users have had time to test real-world restores.

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Rich Trouton explains how to do this here:

Awesome. Thanks, Adam. :+1:

So indeed the functionality is still there. Just well hidden. :wink:

Unfortunately, that doesn’t get rid fo the badge on the Dock icon. Commenters claim there’s a way to remove it, but they also acknowledge it will reappear next time you launch SU. :disappointed:

Desperate measures …

Duct tape solves everything. :slight_smile:

They do say you only need three things; WD-40, duct tape, and a hammer. If it doesn’t move and it should, use the WD-40. If it moves and it shouldn’t, use the duct tape. If either doesn’t work, use the hammer

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I threw caution to the wind and upgraded my 15" MacBook Pro and a 27" iMac. Other than having to buy Hogwasher (not unexpected) I have seen no downside. The other 32-bit apps that I lost were virtually all legacy utilities, many of which I didn’t even remember the purpose of. True, I lost Acrobat Pro from an older Creative Suite installation on the MBP, but I have Acrobat DC with Adobe CC on the iMac. The Adobe Photography Plan apps (Lr, Lr Classic, and Photoshop) run great on the MBP and the apps that I have from the full Adobe CC suite run great on the iMac. (Yes, Adobe subscription haters, I have two subscriptions for my wife and myself, and I also pay for my nephew’s Photography Plan!) Microsoft Office is solid. If I really needed the legacy stuff I still have two old 17" MBPs that I’ve loaded with RAM and SSDs, and they run like new, except faster than new with the upgraded RAM and the SSDs.

My wife’s two 27" iMacs will have to wait a bit; she relies heavily on Scrivener for her writing, and the developer says that the 64-bit version is buggy, so they recommend not updating at the moment.

I cross-checked the apps My MacBook Pro Retina(early 2015). As expected won’t work with SOME of the Catalina apps. Not using this for business, so I am delaying installation.

This is really specific—probably not too many DJs among TidBITS readers—but if you rely on XML files in iTunes, you should hold off upgrading.

Before I upgraded I moved all of my Folders, that I had created into the Documents Folder. Checked to be sure that there were zero 32BIT apps or Executables there are apps that purport to be 64BIT but still have 32BIT updaters etc. If those are not removed there will be problems. Having done all of that I updated to Catalina. I was amazed to have no problems at all and have had none. If you use apps like Spam Sieve, ExpressVPN, Little Snitch, make sure that you have it installed and updated before the upgrade to Catalina or certain pieces will not instal correctly. If all are updated and installed before the upgrade you may not have any problems. Speaking for myself only…I am pretty please. Some of the install issues around non-App Store, non-approved Developers apps are irritating but not insurmountable.

Getting stuck at Setting Up Your Mac is being quite common, and the “fix” does indeed seem to be just to restart manually.

If you use ChronoSync for backup, version 4.9.5 is now compatible with Catalina, but Econ Technologies recommends you create a new backup once you upgrade to Catalina. They have a lot more information here.

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Adobe has some pages listing issues with Photoshop and Lightroom in Catalina.

I wonder if the latest version of PhotoShop Elements is compatible with Catalina. I bought Elements 2019 earlier this year and would sure hate to lose that by updating to Catalina. In the “About…” screen it is listed as v17.0. In the Legacy Software listing several Adobe apps are listed but I’m wondering if those are leftovers from earlier versions of Elements I had installed.

Photoshop Elements 2020 runs on Catalina. I cannot tell you about 2019, though. Sorry.

I upgraded Tuesday morning. Brand new MacBook Air. So far Catalina has lost my keychain and can’t recover it (with all that entails). While most of my emails are still there, many are just headers with no content. Including some I very much need. That’s on the email account I CAN access. The other two (iCloud and gMail are inaccessible. iCloud can’t be reached. I don’t know whaat that’s doing to my backups. I called in to Apple Support, went about 15 minutes with the First Line, then 2 Hours with the 2nd Line. I’ve been upgraded to Engineering who should call back…sometime soon. Everyone’s been very nice, but…

They had me do a reinstall and it went well, but I’m exactly in the same condition.

What works seems to work well. However what doesn’t work is well and truly hosed.

I have a Time Machine backup and it may come to that. I don’t know what that’s going to do with everything I’ve done since…

I would seriously advise against upgrading at this time.