macOS 10.14.6 Mojave Supplemental Update Fixes Problems with an Updated Safari 14.0

Thank you so much, Al, for your response. I will keep trying.

Also, I did not notice the Sep 2019 date on the Apple download site for the download I tried (and which the Installer did not allow), until you alerted me to this date. It would be nice if Apple software could do a check for compatibility before a person went through the effort and time (mostly in downloading) to attempt a software fix.

That was my fault on linking to the old update—sorry! I’ve removed the link from the article.

This update has just been confusing, and I was suckered by the fact that I found what sounded like the right update with roughly the right date.

Hello everyone: (reference my note above regarding not being able to get access to the downloads, via Software-Update (within System Preferences)) As a technical note, I tried a Mac restart using the Reset-SMC option, and things seemed to correct themselves within Software-Update, enabling me to download and invoke both the Supplemental Update and the Security Update 2020-005 (for Mojave 10.14.6). Not sure why this particular restart method worked, but I wanted to let everyone know, in case someone else runs into this situation.

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I reported my problems a little earlier in this thread. Most things seem okay except I am still missing about 100GB space on my 1TB hard disk. I am working with an Apple Specialist trying to solve this.
Strangely I also seem to have lost notifications on low battery on my Magic Trackpad 2 and my wireless Apple keyboard. So, ongoing problem

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