macOS 10.14.6 Mojave Supplemental Update Fixes Problems with an Updated Safari 14.0

Thanks, @mpainesyd and @alvarnell,

meanwhile I fear that some cable/network/Fritz!Box config might be the culprit (though I can’t remember having changed anything) since this has been going on since last time System Prefs > Software Update said “Another update is available” one or two weeks ago, and therefore probably off-topic here.

I just wish I knew how to find out …

Thank you Tidbits for publishing this. While I wait for my backups to finish I can report that I had nothing but trouble in the last couple of days and now i know where they come from
One of the most troubling was when I noticed my icloud mail offline. When I tried to input my Apple ID, I got a message saying it was wrong even though I copied it from 1password. Some time later it accepted and still later it didn’t before it did again.
I thought there was someone hacking my Apple ID so I my changed password. That was messy and very difficult. In the end I had to “recover” it using my computer login because it wouldn’t accept my old password.
My free disk space went from 400gb to 120 gb. I blamed it on having dragged a 120MB file from an external disk to icloud drive. I undid that but only got about 200gb back
I tried the suggested Terminal script and got the problem confirmation.
I install the supplemental update which is available. I’ll report if anything unusual comes up,

Following up on my troubles:

After Mr. Macintosh added direct download links to the (repaired?) Security Update and to the SafariUpdate (Section 16.: “10.14.6 Supplemental Update Links”), I was able to download and install both, and now I’m a happy camper:

  • macOS 10.14.6 (18G6032)
  • Safari 14.0 (14610.

So, I should install the security update FIRST, and only after that has been installed, update Safari. Am I understanding the steps correctly?

My system is on Catalina and up-to-date, but Safari 14.0 was crashing on me regularly until I disabled every extension except for 1Password.

It no longer matters. You can trust System Preferences->Software Update to do the right thing.

FYI, I installed the Supplemental (Safari) first and all is well.

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Unfortunately, SU wants to put Catalina on my MBP, but I need to stay at Mohave. Thus I have to do the installs manually.

Wanting to keep Safari 13 on my MacBook Air, I installed only the Security Update as advised, but even that has installed Safari 14. Do I need to now install the Supplemental Update, too, or are they both exactly the same? Thanks

Of course, but as I thought we all knew by now, the Upgrade to Catalina by Software Update is totally separate from installing updates to Mojave. You just need to remember to always click the bottom most “more…” link to expose Mojave updates, rather than clicking the “Upgrade Now” button for Catalina. Once you see those two new Mojave updates (or possibly only one if you’ve already installed the Security Update) then just click the “Install” button and let Software Update decide the order of installation.


Then you must have done something wrong. If you want to retain Safari 13 then you would have had to uncheck the box next to the Supplemental Update or both will be installed. I can absolutely assure you that installing only the Security Update 2020-005 that is posted today will not install Safari 14. It contains Safari 12.1.2, but what I don’t know is whether it will replace your Safari 13 or not, since I did want Safari 14 and installed the Supplement first.

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Thanks, Al. I must have somehow done that. The last time I looked before clicking on install, I had unchecked it. That’s why I asked, but you must be right. When I rebooted after installation and checked for updates it showed nothing left to install. I don’t know if it’s a result of Safari 14, but sending emails takes a little longer to execute and clicking. Thanks again.

Does this update fix the Bridge OS crash that was introduced by the T2 firmware update by Security Update 2020-002?
None of the previous Mojave security updates (003 and 004) have solved this crash issue.

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Can someone help me out here? I’ve tried to invoke the Mojave 10.14.6 Supplemental Update, and nothing is working:

  1. First I tried to access this via System Preferences, and I keep getting the following
    “Unable to check for updates : Timed out while loading data from the Apple Software Update server”

  2. (Note: I am running 10.14.6 on my Mac-HD.) So I tried going to the Apple website and download the macOSUpd10.14.6Supplemental (dmg), and when the Installer gets to a certain place (Destination Select step), it gives me the following.
    “MacOS Mojave Supplemental Update 2 can’t be installed on this disk. The volume does not meet the requirements for the update.” I am running 10.14.6 on my Macintosh HD, and that is what I am trying to select, as the destination. HUH ???

With regard to #1, Apple has been having intermittent problems with a variety of server issues this week in various parts of the world, so I suspect this is just another instance and you will have to keep trying.

As far as #2 is concerned, note that macOS Mojave 10.14.6 Supplemental Update 2 was released almost a year ago on Oct 24, 2019, so it’s not the latest one being discussed here. That update is only available from Software Updates, from and will only update Mojave builds less than or equal to 18G103. Current builds are in the range of 18G60xx.

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Thank you so much, Al, for your response. I will keep trying.

Also, I did not notice the Sep 2019 date on the Apple download site for the download I tried (and which the Installer did not allow), until you alerted me to this date. It would be nice if Apple software could do a check for compatibility before a person went through the effort and time (mostly in downloading) to attempt a software fix.

That was my fault on linking to the old update—sorry! I’ve removed the link from the article.

This update has just been confusing, and I was suckered by the fact that I found what sounded like the right update with roughly the right date.

Hello everyone: (reference my note above regarding not being able to get access to the downloads, via Software-Update (within System Preferences)) As a technical note, I tried a Mac restart using the Reset-SMC option, and things seemed to correct themselves within Software-Update, enabling me to download and invoke both the Supplemental Update and the Security Update 2020-005 (for Mojave 10.14.6). Not sure why this particular restart method worked, but I wanted to let everyone know, in case someone else runs into this situation.

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I reported my problems a little earlier in this thread. Most things seem okay except I am still missing about 100GB space on my 1TB hard disk. I am working with an Apple Specialist trying to solve this.
Strangely I also seem to have lost notifications on low battery on my Magic Trackpad 2 and my wireless Apple keyboard. So, ongoing problem

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