M2 MacBook Air Available to Order Starting 8 July 2022

Originally published at: M2 MacBook Air Available to Order Starting 8 July 2022 - TidBITS

The redesigned M2 MacBook Air will be available to order on July 8th and will ship on July 15th. However, there are concerns about thermal throttling with the M2 chip with extremely processor-intensive tasks.

I’d point out though that exporting 8K RAW video is perhaps not your most typical MBA task. This is the kind of task IMHO the MBP series (the true 14"/16" Pro, not the 13") was built for. And indeed, the same Twitter thread indicates a 14" M1 Pro MBP had no issues doing the same export. I’d wager if you export 8K RAW footage such that execution time really matters, you should probably be investing a tad more in your work tool than $1199. Just my 2¢.

Let me once again stress that this is the most demanding test we could find that puts a heavy load on both the cpu and gpu to intentionally push it to its limits…

It is, nevertheless, interesting analysis of the fan and thermal behavior. I hope to see them try this on more M1/M2 models and of course to replicate on another unit for validation.


Yeah, we tried really hard to call out that fact—it’s really hard to imagine someone using a MacBook Air for 8K video. Anyone who works with 8K video will know they need beefier hardware.


I was looking to replace a still-working 12" MacBook Pro (after realizing it was from 2012) with a new m2 MacBook Air, but after hearing about the m2 throttling I started wondering if the 13" MBP would be a better choice with the addition of the fan. However, after checking out some of the comparisons between the 13" m2 MBP and the 14" m1-Pro MBP I decided to go with the 14" MBP which just seemed like a better CPU at this point than the m2.

I chose the configuration with 16GB and 1TB of storage (and a few bonus cores) to minimize impact of swapping memory with 8GB. The 14" Pro certainly adds some bulk as well as cost, but seemed like an overall better machine that won’t get stressed out as easily as the Air might and has real function keys besides. It should be a great machine for a number of years. I’m not sure if I’ll hang onto it for as long as I’ve had the 12" MBP Retina, but so far I’m very pleased with it.

I guess “you get what you pay for” may be true with these m2 MacBooks; if you’re on the fence (even as a moderate power user), I’d suggest considering the m1 Pro Mac Book Pro (14" or 16").

Yeah, that’s been my feeling. The M2 MacBook Air is likely a fine machine, but if you really want performance, jump to the M1 Pro or M1 Max in the 14-inch MacBook Pro instead. The M2 13-inch MacBook Pro may help Apple through supply chain issues, but I can’t see really meeting the needs of many customers who would be better served with either the MacBook Air or 14-inch MacBook Pro.


That’s been my opinion all along.

I guess if somebody were a big fan of TouchBar, the 13" M2 might be a suitable choice. But for pretty much anybody else I’d suggest either M2 MBA or M1 14"/16" depending on their (sustained) CPU needs and screen size preference. Either is a great machine.