M1 owners: pink screen of reboot

I recently heard from someone whose two M1 MacBook Airs—his and his wife’s—reboot regularly with a “pink screen.” In the middle of nothing consistent, a machine will freeze, display a pink screen, then restart normally. I hadn’t seen this before with my two M1s (a Mac mini and a MacBook Air), but realized I’d come back a couple of times to both computers to mysterious restarts. Not long after getting email from that person above, my machine did the restart with a pink screen! And I’ve seen it once, yesterday, without a pink screen but the same behavior.

I’m curious if anyone else has seen this problem on their M1? You can find reports in forums, but I can’t tell how widespread it is. I believe it may be happening to both my M1 Macs, though clearly more frequently to the Mac mini, which is just a few months in use (after my Intel iMac died hard in July); I have many fewer mysterious reboots on my December 2020 M1 MacBook Air.

If and only if you own an M1 Mac, could you answer the poll below?

  • Pink screen reboots
  • Mysterious reboots
  • No mysterious reboots

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Have you checked the system logs after one of these reboots? If it shows up, might make it easier to search the logs and find out how frequent these reboots are on each machine.

I hate to sound lazy, but I find trying to decipher Apple’s logs after decades of working with Unix logs still baffling and frustrating. But it’s a great idea. I’ll see if I can find a decent log analyzer that could extract that information for me. I’m afraid it may happen far enough between instances in most cases that the older logs are deleted.

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I completely agree. I feel as if Apple’s logs have become more difficult to decipher and access as time goes on. But I thought maybe it was my lack of experience, and others could make more sense of them. Good luck if you go that route!

Howard Oakley has some log analysis utilities. They have a learning curve, but he has good documentation, including his various articles about the logs. Ulbow is intended to be the easier to use.



I was seeing this in earlier builds of Big Sur. The culprit appeared to be a kext for Karabiner, although the developer of Karabiner seemed to suggest (IIRC) that it was not his bug, but Apple’s

The issue has gone away for me for the past several months, but if it came back, the first thing I would look at would be any 3rd party kexts.

KextViewr @ Objective-See is a free tool to check out which are loaded.