M1 Mac mini Wi-Fi Issues

I was overdue for Mac upgrades and the M1’s came out for me at the right time and so did 0% financing on the Apple Card – so I bought 4 Macs! 2 MBPro’s, 1 Air and a Mini. 2 humans in college, yo.

The ONLY issue so far is WiFi on the Mini on which I type – just seems sketchy and intermittent, randomly disconnects and then re-connects. Just happened and then resolved – Google Home internet speed test reports 282 Mbps down, 308 Mbps up, sitting in front of the Mini. Option-clicking WiFi Quarter Pie (!) gives 104 Mbps.

I guess it is possible that the Mini sits in a “microzone” of bad connectivity (and the monitor is on top of it) but I am wondering if anyone has any more sophisticated suggestions or similar experience and successful remediation?