M1-based MacBook Air performance

Has anybody used the M1 MBA for semi serious Lightroom or Photoshop work? I’m currently running a 2015 rMBP so either of my options will be faster.

My main photo work is done on a 27 inch 2019 iMac but processing images on travel on travel is done on the laptop. I’m going to wait until the higher end MBP gets released in the fall or whenever…but am wondering whether the current M1 MBA is adequate for on the road processing for the blog. The screen is smaller so that’s a drawback and the performance is obviously lower than the higher end MBP will be…but the weight is very attractive. I bought my wife an M1 MBA to replace her 2013 MBA and from setting it up it seems pretty peppy but I didn’t load LR and PS on it. I could do that but then you have to do the licensing dance with Adobe and although the subscription version is easier it isn’t easy…so I figured I would see if anybody had already invented this wheel. I’m processing 45MP photos from my Nikon Z7II and would be processing (after import) maybe 20 or so images in LR to put on the blog while on travel.

As I said…I’m waiting until release in the fall or whatever and there’s no time crunch…but if performance is adequate the lighter weight for t(e on the road use would be nice. I’m also going to try using my current iPad Air for on travel processing…but the iPad version of LR is pretty weak and MarsEdit which I use for blogging won’t run on the iPad…I could do email posts but formatting is problematic with that option.

Some of our travels will be via plane and then rental car…but we will also be doing some train travel across the pond and carrying the photo gear and laptop in backpacks and we will take our iPads regardless for casual use…hence my hi king bout weight vs performance.

Thanks for any thoughts.