LucidLink Offers Streaming Vision of Cloud-Based Storage

Originally published at: LucidLink Offers Streaming Vision of Cloud-Based Storage - TidBITS

After learning more about the nitty-gritty of consumer-level cloud storage services for an article, Adam Engst is introduced to LucidLink, which promises high-performance cloud storage using a completely different model.


Thank you very much for bringing this type of service to our attention. Another reason to support TidBits.


Thanks! I know that LucidLink won’t be of interest to a lot of TidBITS readers, and I would be unlikely to use it myself. But it’s such a cool technical approach, and those who have been complaining about the difficulty of working with a video workflow with Google Drive or the like should definitely give it a look.

It’s a really interesting concept, thanks for pointing it out! I work for a prepress/printshop company, and we have yet to find a solution for our prepress people to work from home. The large InDesign / Photoshop files just don’t work over normal VPNs, so LucidLink looks promising.

In my first tests, it seems to be working pretty well – the only big downside I see is that it requires a kernel extension for the MacFUSE filesystem, which Apple has (for good reason) made very cumbersome to install.

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