Loyalty/membership cards on iPhone wallet not transferring to Apple Watch 8 wallet

Apple Watch 8 (45mm) arrived 9.27.22 and successfully set up, paired with iPhone 14 Max. Set up as a new watch as previous AW6/iPhone 12 combination had intermittent issues with iMessages on iPhone not appearing on AW 6.

Successfully transferred my credit cards from iPhone 12 to iPhone 14. A check of the iPhone 14 wallet also showed my various membership/loyalty cards (YMCA; public library; Starbucks/Panera) available. But on the wallet app on the AW8 only the credit cards appear. Previously these loyalty/membership cards showed up in the wallet on my AW6. DDG-ing shows numerous examples of adding these cards to the iPhone, but not about how to make them appear on the AW with wallet app. What magic am I missing? TIA.