Lost Mail connections

Recently several times Mail on my iMac refuses to load the mail from my Gmail account or says it can’t connect to iCloud. I get alerts to enter my passwords, but they don’t work. I run Connection Doctor. It doesn’t work. Sometimes I call Apple support and they talk me through a bunch of steps that don’t work either.

What does work? Every time? Restarting the computer. Period.

It’s annoying through.

This has happened twice since I updated to 10.14.4. Anybody else had this happen?

There have been quite a few complaints about working with Gmail since 10.14.4 came out. Some have been fixed, reportedly, but clearly others like yours remain.

One workaround until this gets fixed would be to use Gmail’s native Web interface or an app like Mailplane (which is what I do).

On one client new 10.14.4 install, it was necessary to authentic Gmail (umich.edu) repeatedly over a day before it stuck. No further changes in macOS during that time leads toward concluding Google changed something to more closely hew to Apple’s implicit requirements. iCloud mail was unaffected.

Actually, this was happening with 10.14.3 as well, and I would lose contact with iCloud as well as Gmail. l wonder whether it was a Comcast problem (my ISP).

Paul Brians