Loss of touch-screen functionality on 12.9-inch iPad Pro

Not exactly sure where the problem comes from, but it sure seems to get worse and worse as time goes by. Hardware from a previous gen 9.7" iPad Pro to the current 12.9" one. Clearly across MANY OS versions. Best way to describe, loss of ANY touch screen functionality. Going back a few years, it was something that happened very rarely, but did happen. It seems to get worse over time, like my current issues are much worse than when I first got my 12.9" one.

Frequently happens just trying to unlock it. I’m swiping and swiping and nothing is happening. Closing an app, trying to quit the app, no can do. Sometimes I lose the ability for 2-3 minutes then it comes back. Sometime it goes on longer than that so I am forced to power off and on the whole tablet. Another frequent issue is I get the on-screen keyboard up, click to start entering text and some totally random action happens. That one always necessitates a full re-boot. As I try and always keep up tp date woth OS updates, it definitely gets worse with each one. Now I may have to do this full re-boot several times in one day.

First step is to reach out to you folks to see who is having similar issues. My experience so far is it may not JUST be the hardware, bit a combo of it and the OS. Don’t think I had to re-boot it in the first few months. Not a happy camper when this tablet I paid a grand for seems barely better than some 200 buck piece of junk (except for the screen, they seem to have gotten that part right).

Sorry I can’t help as I’m not seeing any increases lately in such rare to me occurrences on my 10.5" iPad Pro which I keep completely up-to-date.