Looking for quick folder compare

I want to do a one-time comnpare of an old folder to a new one, that will show differences and let me sync up the two, moving files as needed from the old to the new. It’s a complex folder with 6 GB and over 8000 files. Main desire is to know which folders have no differences (most of them, I suspect) and can be ignored.

One time use so would prefer something free if possible.

The free version of CarbonCopyCloner or Superduper will do this…but CCC is easier. There’s a utility named Sync that might also still be around that is free.

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I use Folder Sync. It works very well.

Goodsync will do this. You can do a scan and see the results or scan and sync. Not free though (maybe a free trial version will work for you).
I use it regularly to sync data between an iMac and a Macbook.

It’s part of the wonderful PathFinder which has a full featured 30 day trial.

ChronoSync? Great app, free upgrades for life (yours or theirs, whichever is shorter, I assume)

Great suggestions, thank you all. Folder Sync turned out to be exactly what I needed. In this case, I was looking to do a compare and manual reconcile. (I used the word “sync” in my question, which was misleading.) Anyway, the app has a great UI which made it very easy to sort through two folders with thousands of files and move the right ones over.

Thank you, all.