Logic Pro X 10.4.2

Originally published at: https://tidbits.com/watchlist/logic-pro-x-10-4-2/

Maintenance release with a lengthy list of enhancements and bug fixes for the professional audio app. ($199.99 new, free update, 1.45 GB)

I hate to be picky, but is an update that adds a “lengthy list of enhancements” really a “maintenance” release? I’ve always thought of a maintenance release as being basically just bug fixes.

I do realise I’m being pretty trivial here.

We agree—this update basically has a ton of bug fixes and not much in the way of new features. Even the things Apple calls out as new features and enhancements are really small, so it’s still a maintenance release.

Fair enough! I’m not a Logic user, so I can hardly judge.

I just spent $479.00 for ReVoice Pro 4 in order to take advantage of ARA 2, now I read that it’s not compatible with Logic Pro 10.4.2 and they’re blaming Apple. Can you find out about this?

Here’s the word from Synchro Arts:

A technical clarification was published in the FAQ section of the Synchro Arts website.

You will find it at https://www.synchroarts.com/faq/revoice-pro-4-ara-integration-in-logic-pro-x

Thanks for taking the time to get back to me. I hope they get this ARA2 issue fixed pronto.