LittleBITS: Issue #1600, Card Testing Attack, Preventing Inadvertent Unsubscribes

Originally published at: LittleBITS: Issue #1600, Card Testing Attack, Preventing Inadvertent Unsubscribes - TidBITS

Is it really TidBITS#1600 already? The weeks just keep slipping by as we write and edit TidBITS and keep up with all that’s necessary for a modern-day Internet presence.


Happy 1600th! Been with you since shortly before the setext switch… Before “The Wireless Networking Starter Kit” my life was a scrambled and confusing mess. You were an integral part of our Montreal MUG, and an invaluable resource to our members. Thank you for all you’ve done, and continue to do.


Congrats Adam & Crew! 1600 wow…


Adam, just to join in! 1,600! It’s a number isn’t it. Congratulations and more thanks than any of us can give.

And a great tutorial here on list issues — as a film society techie here in NZ very handy!

Don’t you dare retire :slight_smile:



Still think it is unprofessional to have unsubscribe links in mailing-list messages (but guess it is a standard that I will have hard to change on my own …).

Hey Adam,

Congrats on Issue-1600 !!

BTW, I guess you have not heard: You are not allowed to retire, until all TidBits members unanimously approve of your retirement.

Seriously: If you’re still having fun, that should be a good indicator of continuing.


Wait, I need unanimous approval to retire? Yikes! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words, everyone!


Cheers Adam, Tonya, Josh et al!

Saw this reason in “300 Reasons the Mac is Great”:

  • RISC. Gotta love that speed.

Back to RISC, and gotta love the speed and performance-per-watt, isn’t it? :smiley:

Congratulations to Adam and Friends, here’s to 1,600 more!

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And we should take this one too. macOS may not have been based on A/UX, but Unix won out in the end.

  • A/UX. Even if it never made native mode on the Power Macs, A/UX has strong supporters and gave Apple a much-needed additional operating system for some markets.

I have A/UX installation media (taken home from an old employer that closed up shop), but unfortunately, I never owned hardware capable of running it. My SE has no FPU or PMMU and my Quadra 840AV couldn’t run it for some unspecified reason.

See also A/UX and Compatible Macintosh Computers (8/94)

Maybe if I’m bored one day, I’ll try to run it in an emulator. QEMU is allegedly compatible.

have to resist the temptation to use her head as a pointing device

Cat head is for eating mouse, not being mouse.

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Congratulations on 1,600 issues. What a remarkable achievement!

As for the walks down memory lane, I often think of how amazing, and amazingly designed, this little gem was:

  • Apple Guide. Interactive, contextual help built into the system is a great thing.

While it obviously must have taken a considerable amount of effort to provide comprehensive guides, especially for more feature-rich applications, I’ve yet to see a help system that is more refined than Apple Guide was back then.