Links in weekly TidBITS email don't work

None of the links in the weekly TidBITS e-mail seem to work for me (clicking a link doesn’t do anything, even the cursor doesn’t change). I’m using Apple Mail on latest Mojave system. I don’t seem to have this problem with other e-mails (eg daily Wired or weekly DevonTechonologies e-mails).

The links do work on my iPhone 6S and iPad Pro (both latest iOS).

Is there a setting in Apple Mail I may have inadvertently changed?

The links in issue #1477, including the anchor links to jump further down within the email, all work for me. I’m also using Apple Mail with all macOS Mojave updates installed.

I would try restarting your computer to see if the problem goes away.

I can’t think of any reason links wouldn’t work unless your mail server is somehow rewriting them all. Have they ever worked? Do you have another email address you could switch to?

I have restarted my Mac Pro (as I do every day in principle) and I can’t reproduce the problem! I’m puzzled as to what has happened. I’m pretty sure the links didn’t work on my machine on several occasions.
I’ll keep a close eye on this problem and will report back when I can reproduce the it.

Thanks for your responses!

FWIW, I’ve had links fromvarious email newsletters mysteriously quick working and then start working again after a few days. When it happens, I find myself reduced to pasting the links directly into my web browser or accessing the linked articles via Google or from the home page of the website.

Just now I had the same problem again, less than an hour after starting my Mac Pro. Unfortunately I couldn’t pinpoint the source of the problem (yet). Frustrating.

However, quitting and opening Mail was enough to be able to use the links again this time.

That’s maddening—sorry to hear Mail is being so flaky for you.