Life without multiple email labels per message (as in Gmail)?

ProtonMail is another paid service/client combo that supports multiple labels like Gmail. It’s very privacy focused, and they have a suite of products.

When it looked like Gmail was going to start charging for the legacy GSuite that I use for my personal custom domain (see other thread in forum) I started building a list of features I wanted and providers. Never finished flushing it out completely as Google backed off charging, but I still have the same hesitations re using Gmail in general. Just not quite the same impetus to switch right now.

One issue with Proton Mail is that you cannot use it with the standard mail client on iOS or iPadOS (or really any other third party mail client). You need to use their proprietary app - which is ok, not great.

They do support on MacOS but it requires installing an app called Proton Bridge, including installing a profile (which the bridge app walks you through). But, after that, it works.

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