Learning Mac Automation

I grew up programming (that’s what we used to call it, before it became known as coding - damn, I sound old!), but fell out of love with it many years ago. So now I’m thinking of picking up one of Mac automation tools for the hell of it (not that I know what I want to automate yet), but I’m not sure which one to learn. I’m bouncing between Automator, AppleScript, or Keyboard Maestro. I even thought about JavaScript and Swift, but nah …

Any thoughts or suggestions?

I’d start with Take Control of Automating Your Mac and the new Take Control of Shortcuts (for iOS)

Adam, I already have it and have read it. :blush:

I think its a matter of using all of them :slight_smile:

I’d add Hazel into your mix. I’ve a combo of Hazel, Automator, Keyboard Maestro and the odd AppleScript I’ve found online keeping my Macs humming. Primary uses are consistent file naming, file management, adding to my DevonThink databases and backups. Generally keeping things tidy and sorted and cleaned up.

I often think its what’s really keeping me locked into the Apple universe.

Hey Tommy,

Yep, I know Hazel too, but I don’t generate enough documents to make it worth using. And those few documents that I do download/create instantly go into DEVONThink. Though I should be more diligent about cleaning up the various screenshots and photos that I do save or download to my desktop. But, it’s my understanding that Keyboard Maestro could easily do this bit of housekeeping for me. Not to mention AppleScript.


Whoa! If I could cleanup screenshots and right-click downloads automatically………