Latest Ventura update may have killed my screen sharing

I’m a big user of screen sharing, but after installing the latest updates to Venture, 13.6, I’m unable to get my MacBook Air to see the screen of my Mini. I’ve dug into it as deeply as I can, checking all the settings and the Firewall, but still can’t connect. I’m just posting to see if I’m alone here, not for instructions on how to fix it. FWIW, I can still see the screen of my old Mini, running Sierra. I remember reading about “improvements” to Screen Sharing coming in the Sonoma, so maybe that will fix it.

I have used macOS Screensharing in the past, found it not very reliable and the permissions model is somewhat confusing, at least to me. I switched over to the likes of Teamviewer or AnyDesk. Teamviewer does have a “local” mode, for Anydesk I’m not 100% sure. Both are free for private use. I personally think AD does a better job than TV.

Fun fact: Anydesk was founded by developers who previously worked for Teamviewer.

Works fine for me.

As expected, upgrading to Sonoma fixed it.