Latest Ventura Update Changed Preferences In Apple Music

I know, I know, you’re all probably tired of me complaining …
But the latest goofy Apple Music infarction:
I just noticed after updating, fairly recently, to the latest version of Mac OS Ventura
that the iTunes Store link was missing from the side bar of Apple Music (along with a number of play lists)

nothing but odd troubles with this Apple flagship App

to digress
I do now see that Auto download is an preference option

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Check the app settings if something appears to be missing. I can’t help with the playlists, but in Sonoma, under the General Settings, there is a checkbox to make the iTunes Store visible.

yes, to clarify, actually the iTunes store check box is in the settings … I was a bit surprised, however, that an OS update would have necessarily needed to reconfigure the settings in Apple Music … my recollection is that updates generally leave these ancillary items alone … i.e. as is … Apple engineers apparently had something “Different” in mind LOL