Large Size of Apple’s New Low-Cost iPhone SE Disappoints

Something like that, yes. Some providers bind the SIM to the phone. Some work with partner carriers so that you can use the partner’s SIM but still cannot move freely to any other carrier. Some do not encourage the traditional behavior of moving SIMs from phone to phone. And then there is the issue of not being able to put an old SIM back into the phone that used it after putting a different company’s SIM in the phone.

At this point I think the most efficient course of action would be have Boost sort it out, especially since that course of action works for you as well.

Recent Q2 global smartphone estimates show that while the overall market was down ~14%, Apple shipped 25% more phones, increasing their market share by almost 50%. Analysts are attributing this to an extremely successful launch of the 2020 SE. :slight_smile:

And holy cow did Samsung tank during Q2. They used to sell more than twice as many handsets as Apple. Now they’re less than 20% ahead.

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Done, although it was somewhat painful. The guy in the store and the people at corporate with whom he needed to interface seemed to work at cross-purposes. To the local guy’s credit, he stuck with it until things worked, but it was well over an hour. I’m glad it wasn’t me trying to communicate with corporate.

But now I have a new question, which might be more of an iOS 13.5.1 question than an iPhone SE question. I have enabled Settings > Battery > Battery Health > Optimized Battery Charging, where it says the iPhone will learn my daily charging routine “so it can wait to finish charging past 80% until you need to use it.” Here it is almost two months later and the phone charges to 100% every night, but is almost always over 80% when I plug it in. Is it a slow learner or am I misunderstanding something?

For what it’s worth, there is nothing listed on the Peak Performance Capability line.

Glad it’s been sorted, Will M.

I’m afraid I’m not much help on the Optimized Battery question. Perhaps another of the fine contributors here has spent more time with it than I.

Optimized battery charging is specifically to slow a fast charger at 80% until a couple of hours before you normally wake. If you are plugging in at over 80% regularly then there isn’t anything to optimize.

Will, my 2016 SE also shows nothing about peak performance being reduced (it was manufactured 2019 so battery is not old, capacity still reported at 95%) and I definitely do see the optimized charging in effect. My lock screen will show a message about it in the middle of the night saying something like ‘charged to 80% will resume charging so as to be at 100% by 6am’ or such. Unlike what you report though, when I plug it in it’s often around ~30% so it always starts charging right away. But it then only charges to 80% before pausing for the remainder of most of the night. Which is what I believe the intended functionality is.

Maybe you could try making sure the battery is lower than 80% before plugging it in. I imagine this could be difficult to test though, considering Apple makes it sound like they’re basing it on usage patterns and if you’ve been using yours in a certain way for a long time, it might take more than a couple of trials.

I’m glad to see these strong numbers for Apple, but keep in mind that shipments are different from sales.

Apple’s Q3 revenue details are here;

It’s also great to see that the SE, which was launched at the start of the Covid 19 pandemic, has been selling so well.

Thanks, @ddmiller and @Simon. I had misunderstood what was supposed to happen.