KeyCue 10.2

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Keyboard shortcut and emoji cheat sheet utility now fully supports macOS 13 Ventura. (€19.99 new, free update, 4.7 MB, macOS 10.13+)

Interesting name for this utility. Reminds me of the MacOS Macro based tool, KeyQuencer. I miss the capability that it gave to my workflow back in the day. Can anyone share feedback on the joys of using KeyCue with us? Thanks in advance.

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KeyCue is designed to reveal the keyboard shortcut of menu items, and it has gained a few other capabilities over the years.

I only fire it up when I’m having trouble finding menu items.

I remember KeyQuencer well – it was lean, mean, and immensely powerful for the few K it occupied as a driver in system memory.

If you miss it’s capabilities and aren’t using Keyboard Maestro you’re missing a bet.



Sounds like KeyCue can be very handy, I have not enjoyed the lack of keyboard shortcut clarity shown by poorly designed human interface to apps these days.

Thanks for the keyboard maestro referral, :grinning:

I still use KeyQuencer in my System 7 setup. :heart_eyes:

On modern macOS I also use Keyboard Maestro for the same sort of things.