KeyCue 10.0

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Major new release for the keyboard shortcut and emoji cheat sheet enables you to assign keyboard shortcuts on the fly. (€19.99 new, €9.99 upgrade, 5.4 MB, macOS 10.10+)

Apple silicon native.

KeyCue has always been the least useful of the Ergonis utilities to me; I liked being able to pop up a full selector sheet of emojis, but other than that I guess I’m just a really good shortcut memorizer.

I have a scripture reference application, Accordance, that I use regularly in my work. It is highly technical and scholarly, and it has a complex dynamic menu system. The developer built in a keyboard shortcut customization system, which works well for all the menu items that are programmed. There are several items that only appear under certain conditions, like “Save Text Selection” (which leads to a submenu with two different formats rather than a dialog). The customizer not only does not “know” about it, but it also appears to block the system-level application keyboard utility from customizing it.

KeyCue was able to set up a shortcut without any additional steps. I simply invoked the menu item and left it open, then pressed and held the keyboard combo I wanted for the new shortcut. An arrow with an embedded countdown timer appeared, and when the graphics indicated it was done…well, it was.

The defined shortcut appears in that item now, and survives KeyCue being quit.

I’m not often bowled over by a utility like this, but that’s really cool.

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