Keychain keeps creating new password

Usually Keychain works flawlessly for me. But today when I wanted to fill a password for a known website and user name, it kept suggesting new passwords rather than entering the one that was already in Keychain. It was as if Keychain did not know that there was a PW associated with the user name and website. I kept requesting a PW reset link, but after the PW reset, the site would present the sign in screen and Keychain would again create a new PW instead of using the one it had just created. And, of course, because this was always a new PW, it was not recognized the the target website. After several tries I was eventually locked out. Thanks for any help you might offer. (2019 Mac, OS 12.7.2)

I’ve seen this happen when I tried to go to a web site but mistakenly was in the “create an account” mode rather than “log in to your account” version of the site.

Thanks, Doug – helpful. So this would be a setting on the website side rather than on the user side, yes? The initial message was “Sign In” with user name, then a new screen for the PW, but the only choice offered was Keychain’s “Create a Password.” The website is my domain host, so seems strange if it is on their side. Thanks again. Will continue to troubleshoot once I am let back in.

No, that’s not when I saw that happen. It’s always when I mistakenly followed the create an account path.

There’s always the manual settings / passwords, find the password, tap it and then select copy, then go back to safari and paste.

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I’ve seen this happen when the password generation site is different from the regular login site. For example, one organization I’ve worked with has different sites for personal versus institutional use, each with a different domain, and they use a “federated” authentication system that resides on yet another domain. All of that is invisible to the user when logging in with an existing account, but complications become visible when trying to create a new account or changing the password on an existing account.

When I’ve run into problems, I manually create and write down a new password, noting the url at the time. Often, the new password will be in the keychain associated with that url, which may be different from the normally accessed website. Usually, you can then edit the regular website password in Safari to reflect the new password.

Thanks so much to you both. I am going to give this another try later. Jose: you may be on to the issue, since the site in question is my domain host, which uses different logins for Mail and Domain Management. Thanks again.