Keychain Access app seems to be on the way out – how to access Password Assistant?

Nowadays we have a Passwords section in System Settings. I’ve noticed on Sonoma that when you bring up Keychain Access it asks if you really want to launch the app or instead go to System Settings. Seems like Apple is telling us the app could be on its way out. I don’t feel strongly about migrating to System Settings for password/keychain management, but I do like Password Assistant and wonder if/how we can access that outside of Keychain Access app.

And just to be clear, I realize that System Settings > Passwords > New Password > Create Strong Password also offers passwords, but it lacks several options that Keychain Access’ Password Assistant has (including selection of password length) along with its security gauge for any chosen password.

That’s an interesting point. I’m afraid I can’t answer your immediate question, but it does make me wonder if the end of this road will include integration of Passwords with authentication requests outside of Safari. Could we be on the way to “Sherlocking” 1Password, Enpass, etc.?

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Apple seems set on PassKeys going forward.