Keyboard needs a fourth row

When the iPhone first came out, it had a 3.5” screen. A screen that small didn’t have room for a full keyboard. It just made sense to have only three rows of keys and numbers were only available with a shift key. I understand.

However, since the iPhone 5 had a 4” display screen and iPhones since 6 have a 4.7” display with the plus models having a 5.5” display. The latest models come with a 5.85 display as the smallest display. There’s now room to add a fourth row of keys for numbers.

About 90% of the shifting I’m doing involves getting access to the number keys. Just put them on the main keyboard already! It’ll make typing so much faster.

And why I’m venting, why are symbols in different locations between the iPad and iPhone? I can’t lraen to touch type if you keep moving the symbols around from key to key.