Just thanks


Thanks, I really appreciate getting your Talk summaries and the TidBits
messages that I receive at another email address.

I’m retired, and my computer use is retiring, too. I’m really deaf, so I
don’t listen to anything, just occasionally use Zoom when there’s

I haven’t shown up for discussions lately, but I’ll do that more. Is the
“join the discussion” link in the TidBits emails the best way to do that?

I’ve been a lawyer in Montana since 1971, mostly as a state district
judge, a prosecutor, a public defender, and I spent about 8 years in the
appellate branch of the Montana Attorney General’s office. Except for
some brief interludes way back when we provided our own computers at
work (for me, a Mac Plus), work was through a Windows machine. At first,
we used WordPerfect, but the state’s department of administration fell
into a captured orbit around the Microsoft center of gravity, so we had
to adapt. WordPerfect was easy to use for briefs and filings. Word less
so, although the staff figured it out.
Now, I have a couple of cases left in the pile I took on as a retired
judge. If I’m actually in court for a hearing (ironic word for me), I
read what’s being said through the court reporter’s use of a RealTime
program, which projected nicely (usually) to my iPad. I can work from
home on my iMac, mostly, and our state IT system is now run under Okta.
My experience is that the state IT people do fine figuring out a system
(over 10,000 state employees, plus retired people), but someone in the
administration decides to use some privately owned system, and away we go.

I subscribe to Brian Krebs’s security mailing list, and I saw not too
long ago that Okta had a security lapse.

Thanks for all you’ve done. I’ve been reading your TidBits emails for
years, never miss them, save them all.

Jim Wheelis


Nice to hear from you, Jim, and thanks for the kind words!

Yes, the “Join the discussion” links in TidBITS are a good way to make comments on articles, or you can come directly to the TidBITS Talk server by going to https://talk.tidbits.com/. Many people find it easier to follow what’s new on the website rather than relying on email notifications.

There are an increasing number of transcription options for turning spoken words into captioned text, including Live Captions and Subtitle & Captioning in the iPhone. (Settings > Accessibility > Hearing) I don’t know if they’d be useful to you, but worth a look if you have an iPhone but haven’t already played with them.