Just a thought on the increase in Apple’s pricing this year…

(frederico) #1

So we were discussing the fifty to seventy to one hundred dollar price bumps in this year’s Apple Watch and iPhone lineup, particularly on those with steel and aluminum.

Anyone care to speculate if Apple is padding prices to account for trumps trade war? Frankly it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if this is the cause for some of the jumps.

(Tommy Weir) #2

Perhaps they’re projecting the impact of tariffs and covering their eventuality or at least the uncertainty introduced by them. The price bump of the X primed acceptance too of course. It was surprising given we have gotten so used to ‘same price but better specs’ year after year.


POTUS is not at all happy that Tim Cook has been talking about how the trade war would cause Apple to raise prices:

Apple Says Trump Tariffs Could Make Apple Watch, Homepod More Expensive