Jony Ive’s New Gig

From Apple to the British Royal Palace:

From iMacs, iPods, Apple Watch to monarchy. I wonder if the emblem will appear on tea pots and cozies?

Yeah, I think we’ve long established that Jony’s no graphic designer, he should stick with products.

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Not “British”. Charles is King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Don’t upset the Unionists.

So I get the floral allusions (at least I think I do) for Scotland (thistle) and Northern Ireland (shamrock), but is the daffodil somehow associated with England, or perhaps Wales?

At least since Wordsworth’s poem that was inspired by the beautiful native British flower:

And until some years ago, this poem was required to be memorized in fifth grade in New York City public schools.

It’s Wales.

Don’t forget to buy one or more of these for a certain charity event:
Exclusively designed by Sir Jony Ive, designer of the iPhone and all things Apple.

PS. I don’t think they ship outside UK due to the shipping costs involved. (I had to send a few to MacBreak Weekly as they were obviously interested for the show this week: #860).

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They’re in a perpetual state of upset. It’s all they know.